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Portable Bunkhouse

We are one of the prominent Manufacturers and Suppliers of Portable Bunkhouses. The Portable Bunkhouses also known as Porta Cabins are fully furnished movable house for the remote locations such as Kitchen, dining Room, recreation Room, office, Toilet, Store. They are available in 20 x10 âand 40 x 10â feet bunks. Our Portable Bunkhouse is suitable for accommodation and working office.

Special Features
  • Just lift shift & place, connect power. Itâs ready for use.
  • 100%earthquake proof & water proof
  • Insulation in all inner walls & ceiling
  • Customized design for space management
  • Can be repaired any time and anywhere in case of damage

Bunkhouse Available For
  • Site Office
  • Conference Hall
  • Laboratory
  • Radio Room
  • Executive accommodation
  • Living accommodation with toilet and bath
  • Accommodation with office
  • Common Toilet/ Bathroom for Junior Staff
  • Dining Hall
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • Storage Units
  • Chiller Room
  • Pressure pump unit (Pneumatic water pump house)
  • Security Room
  • Driverâs Room
  • Recreation
  • Clinic
  • Laundry

Technical Specifications Of Standard Bunk House Unit
  • Chassis : The chassis is assembled on a rigid steel frame with floor welded to ISMB {300 Ã 150 mm} as skid & ISMC of structurally required section.
  • Shell : The cage structure and wall panels are constructed in mild steel frame work of ISMC, ISMB & Square pipes with total wall thickness of 55mm up to 70 mm all confirming to IS 2062. Exterior walls are of 16 SWG corrugated mild steel sheet, welded to the frame, where as inner wall is covered with decorative exterior grade laminated 9mm-particle board. Lightweight insulation is filled in between the exterior and interior block wall / cavity wall. The exterior wall is painted with anticorrosive 2-pack system paint and decorative paint as outer wall finish.
  • Floor : The floor panels are of 18mm or 20mm thick E board cement sheet, which is waterproof, termite proof, fire resistant fixed on cross member of ISMB & ISMC by nuts and bolts. These boards are capable of taking 400kg/ Sq. ft. PVC vinyl flooring tiles / sheet is glued on to the top of E-board as floor inner finish.
  • Roof :The roof is curved type made of CRC 16 SWG mild steel sheet fixed on prefabricated trusses sandwich type of steel frame where as inner roof wall is covered with decorative laminated 9mm-particle board. Lightweight insulation is filled in between the exterior and interior block roof wall / cavity wall. The exterior roof wall is painted with anticorrosive decorative paint as outer wall finish. In kitchen inside roof & side wall will covered with SS sheets.
  • Insulation : All voids within the external wall and inner walls are filled with 50mm thick Fibre Glasswool. This Fibre Glasswool roll helps in reduction in heat transmission and is 100% inorganic asbestos free, non-toxic and non-flammable, non-hygroscopic & vermin proof.
  • Windows : Windows shall be aluminum double shutter sliding type. Fly mesh and safety steel grill over sliding area and clear or dark float glass shall be provided.
  • Electricals : All components are pre-wired for electrical lighting and air-conditioning. All power points are mounted on the wall with cable drops for wiring on site. Adequate room lighting shall be provided. Centrally power-stabilizing system is provided known as âMulti-guardâ. Multi-guard controls high voltage, low voltage, earth leakage circuit breaker, short circuit, by pass, alarm, MCB. This system will cut off the power supply to the bunkhouse within 5 milliseconds of fault detection. It also indicates the nature of the fault occurred on an LED display. All electrical fittings in the bunk house shall be 220-240 V AC, 50 Hz. All wiring shall be concealed type & shall be of PVC insulated copper wire of ISI quality. 3/20 size wires used for light, sockets & 7/16 size wire for main incoming, 15AMP plug with switches, MCB,DOL switches required for air conditioner, input sockets of tube light, door-way, wall ceiling mounted cabin light and fans. Terminating of main incoming gable into the bunk house shall be of 32 Five Pin Plug & Socket switch.
  • Plumbing : All sanitary pipes are of high quality galvanized class âCâ steel pipes. PVC rigid pipes will be fixed for waste disposal systems.
  • Painting : All components are primed before assembly/forming. All surfaces are degreased with appropriate solvent. One coats of liquid self-Epoxy priming â PS-901 and two coat of epoxy finish paint. All steel structures are protected from corrosion under coastal area open weather condition.

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